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2015 Readers’ Choice Best Divorce Lawyer & Family Law Attorney

We are proud to announce that John F. King Law, The Guy’s Attorney, has been awarded Readers’ Choice Best Divorce Lawyer AND Readers’ Choice Best Family Law Attorney by Harrisburg Magazine for 2015! Look for us in their August “Simply The Best” issue! We’d like to say “Thank You!” We truly appreciate the recognition. Congratulations […]


Equitable Division Of Property And Debts In Pennsylvania

If divorcing couples do not reach an agreement on the division of property and debts, then the court will execute the division in a fair manner. The judge reviews the couple’s property and debts and examines a number of factors to formulate an equitable division of property. A Camp Hill property division lawyer will ensure […]


Can A Father Get Custody Of His Children During Divorce?

In theory, yes. Pennsylvania law states that when determining the custody rights between the two parents, there is no presumption to award custody to one parent. However, as a McNabb study reports, mothers win sole custody 91 percent of the time when custody is litigated. The primary factor in deciding the award of legal and […]


Equal Rights for Fathers in Pennsylvania Divorce Law

Studies on the divorce rate nationwide show differences in the divorce rate of first, second and third marriages. The divorce rate of first marriages is 50 percent; of second marriages, 67 percent; and of third marriages, 73 percent.  Although Pennsylvania has one of the lowest divorce rates in the country, there were 36,345 Pennsylvania couples who […]


Relocation Can Wreak Havoc On A Physical Custody Arrangement

Although your ex-wife was awarded primary physical custody, you share legal custody and have a favorable visitation agreement. In general, the entire marriage settlement agreement was going smoothly until you received notice that your ex-wife wants to relocate to the other side of Pennsylvania — six hours away. You consult with your Camp Hill father’s […]


Pennsylvania’s Grounds For Divorce

An estimated one million divorces occur every year in the United States. Reports show that women initiate 65 percent of these marital breakups. Divorce costs approximately $15,000, and roughly 115,000 women lose health insurance every year because of divorce. If you find yourself becoming a divorce statistic, turn to an experienced Camp Hill divorce law […]


Is Joint Legal Custody Truly In The Best Interest Of The Child?

Studies show that fathers are denied joint legal custody in 22.4 percent of all cases. Women are usually awarded custody because, traditionally, men worked outside of the house and women cared for the kids in the home. Thus, the question arises: is joint legal custody truly in the best interest of the child? When deciding […]


Pennsylvania Child Support Obligation

According to Pennsylvania law, both parents are obligated to financially support their minor children. Child support in Pennsylvania is a priority obligation that requires parents to extend their financial resources to meet their obligations until the child reaches 18 years of age or finishes high school. A father’s child support lawyer in Camp Hill can […]


Supporting Your Wife After The Divorce

Alimony is a regularly scheduled payment one spouse makes to the other (usually the man to the woman) to provide financial support after the marriage. Alimony orders are made by the court when the final divorce decree is entered. To protect your interests, it is critical to discuss the alimony calculation with a Camp Hill […]


Spousal Support In Pennsylvania

In many jurisdictions, “alimony” and “spousal support” are interchangeable terms. In Pennsylvania, alimony, spousal support and alimony pendente lite (APL) are three similar but different concepts related to one spouse providing financial assistance to the other. A Camp Hill father’s rights spousal support attorney can explain these terms to you and how they may be […]

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