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Protecting a father’s rights and working for the best interests of children in Harrisburg, Camp Hill, Carlisle, and beyond

Retaining shared or sole legal custody in PA means that you continue to have a say in the most important decisions that affect your children. Just because you decide to end your marriage doesn’t mean you need to relinquish all your rights as a dad. Working with a committed Harrisburg fathers’ rights legal custody attorney can make all the difference in getting a custody settlement that makes sense for your new situation.

Whether it is deciding where they go to school, in what religion they are raised or how to handle a major medical situation, you have the right to share in the decisions that influence your children’s upbringing, even if your physical custody is limited. The Guy’s Attorney helps you exercise that right and keep it as you move forward as a single parent.

Seeking custody can seem like a complicated matter. The Guy’s Attorney helps simplify it by clearly explaining the types of custody allowed by Pennsylvania law and how to determine which works best for you. Legal custody can be granted in two ways:

  • Sole legal custody gives one parent the right and responsibility to make the decisions relating to the health, education and welfare of a child.
  • Joint legal custody allows both parents to share those rights and responsibilities.

Unless a case involves a parent who demonstrates an extreme inability to make major decisions of these kinds, parents usually share legal custody. And that means they need to establish an ongoing relationship that allows them to consult with each other and make good joint decisions for their kids.

With more than 25 years of experience as South-Central PA fathers’ rights legal custody lawyers, we help you prepare your case for seeking legal custody and lay the groundwork for cooperative, productive relationships with your ex and your kids once the divorce is final. In handling custody determination and all facets of divorce, The Guy’s Attorney is always on your side.

If you are getting divorced and want to ensure that you continue to play a vital role in your children’s lives, we can help. We’re happy to put our experience to use in seeing you through the confusing and often intimidating process of divorce and child custody. Call The Guy’s Attorney at 717-412-0244 or message us. Our offices are conveniently located in Camp Hill (just 10 minutes from Harrisburg) and Carlisle, PA.

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