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Receiving alimony — or having to pay it — is not always a given when you get divorced. If you aren’t able to reach a mutual agreement, a judge will determine if alimony is “reasonable” and “necessary” in your case. Working with an experienced South Central PA alimony lawyer, practicing in Harrisburg, Carlisle, New Bloomfield and surrounding PA communities, is the best way to get the information you need to protect your best interests, and your assets, before agreeing to an alimony settlement.

Contemplating alimony arrangements can be as much a source of anxiety as the other emotional and legal matters you grapple with during a divorce. The Guy’s Attorney offers sound counsel and vigorous representation for the many issues men face in divorce proceedings, including alimony.

Helping you understand the different types of financial support

Pennsylvania’s domestic relations law allows for different types of financial support to be paid when couples separate or divorce. One is a temporary form of support called spousal support. It is usually not sought until after separation, and may be ordered to be paid until the divorce is finalized.

Another type of financial support is called alimony, which is the ongoing post-divorce financial support paid by one spouse to the other.

The court considers multiple factors to determine if alimony is reasonable and necessary, including but not limited to:

  • The length of the marriage
  • The standard of living established during the marriage
  • The spouse’s ability to meet his or her needs independently
  • The ability of the supporting spouse to meet his or her own needs
  • The comparative financial resources of each spouse
  • Marital misconduct

Financial support can be granted to either spouse, depending on these and other factors. As fathers’ rights spousal support attorneys with more than 25 years combined experience handling divorce and support claims, we give you an honest assessment of your situation and ensure that you have the information you need to make the best decisions for yourself and your family.

What you need to know about Alimony Pendente Lite (APL)

If you have not yet filed for divorce, you need to understand Alimony Pendente Lite, or APL. Once your divorce complaint is filed and litigation is pending, a spouse that earns less than the other may be eligible for a temporary form of financial support known as APL. And it continues until the finalization of the entire divorce process, which is sometimes a long and complicated one.

If your spouse is the primary bread-winner, you may be the one entitled to spousal support or APL. It is a cash stream you may be able to access when your financial situation is at a critical turning point. APL and how it can affect you, whether you receive or are required to pay it, is an important factor to consider in your divorce proceedings.

The Guy’s Attorney, dedicated alimony lawyers serving men in Dauphin, Cumberland and Perry counties in South Central PA, helps you understand the different types of financial support you may owe or be qualified to receive. We also help you understand the tax implications associated with all types of support. We take a comprehensive approach to seeing you through your divorce, striving to find equitable solutions and meet your personal financial goals.

Get the help you need from a dedicated men’s alimony lawyer in Harrisburg, Carlisle, New Bloomfield and surrounding PA communities

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