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Divorce is an expensive proposition, any way you look at it. Ongoing financial support for a former spouse or your kids can be daunting to consider, especially as you’re trying to re-establish yourself after ending a marriage. The Guy’s Attorney has been working with husbands and fathers like you for more than 25 years on PA support matters that have a tremendous impact on your financial goals and your life. We work hard to protect your legal rights and ensure your peace of mind.

Representing your best interests in establishing support in PA

Divorcing couples face many issues that need fair and equitable resolution. One of the key issues is support, which is broken down into spousal support and child support. Either or both parents may be ordered to provide support according to their ability to pay.

As South Central PA fathers’ rights lawyers, The Guy’s Attorney gives you an honest assessment of your particular situation and explains the factors considered by the court, including:

  • Net income of each parent
  • Earning capacity of each parent
  • Each parent’s assets
  • Child care expenses
  • Any unusual needs of the child or parents
  • Any extraordinary expenses

The amount and duration of support are determined by the court, but the matter is not completely out of your control. Sound legal guidance is imperative and information is your most valuable tool. We strive to make sure you are fully informed before you agree to any settlements.

Helping you accurately predict support obligations

It is tempting to use handy online tools to calculate spousal and child support payments. Unfortunately, they do not accurately reflect what will happen when you go before a judge or Domestic Relations Officer. As experienced Pennsylvania support attorneys, we know which factors the court takes into account. And we have all the tools necessary to accurately predict a support obligation under Pennsylvania guidelines.

Providing you with valuable information is our top goal. An important part of our practice is negotiating settlements that meet your expectations. But The Guy’s Attorney also stands ready to litigate when necessary to protect your rights and your best interests, financial and otherwise.

Get spousal support and child support help from an experienced Harrisburg PA area support attorney

If you are contemplating divorce and are concerned about the financial implications, we can help. We’re happy to put our experience to use in seeing you through a confusing and often intimidating process. Call The Guy’s Attorney at 717-412-0244 or message us. Our offices are conveniently located in Camp Hill (just 10 minutes from Harrisburg) and Carlisle, PA.

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