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The days are gone when moms in aprons ran the households while dads snapped their briefcases shut and disappeared from dawn until dusk. You may be the one who takes primary care of your kids. And a divorce shouldn’t mean you are automatically dismissed from that role. The Guy’s Attorney has more than 25 years of experience securing Pennsylvania fathers’ rights to physical custody of their children in Cumberland, Dauphin and Perry Counties. If you are in danger of losing the most important thing in the world to you, you need a tireless legal advocate on your side.

Safeguarding against gender bias in physical custody decisions

Despite the shifts in family structure that have occurred, the assumption remains that a mother will always be favored as the custodial parent during a divorce. The great news for Pennsylvania dads, however, is that new laws governing custody were passed in 2011. The law now clearly states that custody orders are to be “gender-neutral,” disallowing the court from favoring one parent over the other based on gender.

Working with one of our dedicated Carlisle or Camp Hill fathers’ rights physical custody attorneys serving the greater Harrisburg region, you are assured vigorous defense if gender bias threatens to affect your case. The Guy’s Attorney helps you seek the best outcome in matters of:

  • Primary custody by you or your spouse
  • Partial custody, which secures your right to specified private time with your child
  • Shared custody, which assures the child’s frequent and continuing contact with both parents

The Guy’s Attorney recognizes that either parent may be the best choice as the primary custodian of a child. We also understand that both parents play a vital role in their children’s lives and must continue to do so after a divorce. Whether you are interested in pursuing full or partial custody of your kids, we have the experience, skill and knowledge to see you through the entire legal process and beyond.

Experienced fathers’ rights advocacy

You absolutely don’t have to feel like a second-class citizen in working out child custody arrangements. Whether you are dealing with a visitation or custody dispute, or need legal guidance in handling a paternity or adoption issue, The Guy’s Attorney is ready to help. As Pennsylvania fathers’ rights physical custody lawyers practicing primarily in Cumberland, Dauphin and Perry Counties, we are committed to protecting your fundamental rights. As compassionate counselors, we are committed to helping you secure your future as a fully involved dad.

If you are getting divorced and want custody of your kids, we can help. We’re happy to put our experience to use in seeing you through the confusing and often intimidating process of divorce and child custody. Call The Guy’s Attorney at 717-412-0244 or message us. Our offices are conveniently located in Camp Hill (just 10 minutes from Harrisburg) and Carlisle, PA.

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