Supporting Your Wife After The Divorce

Alimony is a regularly scheduled payment one spouse makes to the other (usually the man to the woman) to provide financial support after the marriage. Alimony orders are made by the court when the final divorce decree is entered. To protect your interests, it is critical to discuss the alimony calculation with a Camp Hill men’s alimony lawyer.

Factors for calculating alimony

Pennsylvania law does not have an established system to calculate the amount of alimony that needs to be paid. Courts examine the following facts to determine whether alimony is required, its amount and who is obligated to pay:

  • The earnings and earning capacities of the spouses
  • The ages and the physical, mental and emotional conditions of the spouses
  • The sources of income, such as medical, retirement, insurance or other benefits
  • Any inheritances or expected income
  • The length of the marriage
  • The amount one spouse contributed to the education, training or enhanced earning ability of the other
  • The amount of decrease in earning capacity of the custodial parent
  • The spouses’ standard of living
  • The level of education, training and employability of the spouses
  • The spouses’ assets and liabilities
  • The type and value of property brought to the marriage by each spouse
  • The amount of contribution of a spouse as homemaker
  • The needs of the spouses
  • Any misconduct of the spouses
  • The impact of the alimony award on each spouses’ taxes
  • The party seeking alimony’s lack of necessities
  • The inability of the party seeking alimony to find reasonable employment

Situations that terminate alimony payments

Pennsylvania law says that alimony payments will continue for a period of time that is reasonable under the circumstances. Alimony payments will be terminated if the receiving spouse remarries or lives with another person of the opposite sex and if either spouse dies. An experienced men’s alimony lawyer in Harrisburg understands these alimony guidelines and will strive to apply them for your benefit.

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