Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome to The Guy’s Attorney blog!  I hope that this entry will be the first of many in the coming weeks, months and years.  I am John F. King, a sole practitioner in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania with a practice focused on fathers’ rights, divorce and child custody.  I believe that husbands and fathers deserve accurate information and vigorous representation in all family law cases. I have more than 20 years of experience providing men with cost-effective solutions in the most difficult family law situations.

I want you, my readers and current or potential clients, to have a full understanding of the law as it pertains to you.  The more you know about your rights as a husband and father, the better prepared you will be to handle difficult situations such as divorce and child custody.  Every week, I will share important news and insights related to fathers’ rights, such as how to rise above the emotional turmoil of a divorce or how to maintain a positive relationship with your children.

In future entries to this blog I will tell you a little more about myself, and I will try to pass on some of my knowledge regarding fathers’ rights. Hopefully, I can convey some useful information and perhaps even provide a little entertainment.  Please check back on this blog for weekly updates.  And if you are a male seeking assistance with divorce or child custody cases, please contact me, The Guy’s Attorney, John F. King, to discuss your issues.